Pretty bites

One of the reasons I love about baking is that it makes me feel like a girly girl. They bring such nostalgic memories. I remember having a formal tea party with my friends (sometimes boy friends and imaginary friends also attended) and your favorite teddy bear named after a cartoon character-. 

I still enjoy having friends over to have formal tea parties. Only now I get to dress up with my own clothes, and sometimes champagne is very much included.  


Azuki Minicakes

I love red beans! They are not only naturally delicious but also incredibly healthy, too. They are easy to digest, great source of protein, iron and fiber, and are antioxidants. Korean people eat them on cold, cold winter nights- they make a huge pot of porridge   of them on the coldest night of the year. In that spirit, I decided to make azuki minicakes with azuki icing. Yummers!