Shanti Shack Lunch

My first foodie post!
Located in North Williamsburg, Shanti Shack is a vegetarian juice and smoothie bar also has fabulous yoga classes! They also have juice cleanse program, which I don't quite understand yet- but fully interested. The menu they were kindly recommending to me, the first timer were:
vivalicios - grilled cheese, avocado and tomato sandwich
Nutter - green smoothie with spinach, banana, almond and coconut


True- the smoothie is a bit pricey compared to Jamba Juice, but trust me it was so worth it!


Pretty bites

One of the reasons I love about baking is that it makes me feel like a girly girl. They bring such nostalgic memories. I remember having a formal tea party with my friends (sometimes boy friends and imaginary friends also attended) and your favorite teddy bear named after a cartoon character-. 

I still enjoy having friends over to have formal tea parties. Only now I get to dress up with my own clothes, and sometimes champagne is very much included.