Welcome to Bunnycakes land!

I love sweets-. There's no doubt in it.
mean literally, I can drink (no- slurp!) the entire bowl of melted chocolate and butter together for my Not-so-sunny-day-cake, eat a dozen of original glazed donuts in one seat,  and lick the royal icing off of the decorated sugar cookies. 

ut when it comes to vegan baking, I cannot help but felling I am finally eating something healthy. Not that I'm saying normal devil's food cake is bad for you. I respect them in their own ways of devoting to the sweets world. 

o here I am on a rainy spring day, introducing my vegan sweets line, for those of you who don't want to hurt our animal friends in any way, 


Bunnycakes products don't contain any animal fat, airy and artificial products. No feeling guilty for sweet teethed yous anymore!